About Me…

Hello, I’m Jill and I am starting this blog to document my life as a NYC mother of three-year-old twins.  I called the blog Momamorphosis because never in my life have I had to change, adjust and evolve as quickly and as frequently as I have as a mom.  I have transformed from a late-working, late-sleeping, weekday date-nighting, do-what-I-wanting, potty-mouth, kidless woman to a toy cleaning, grilled cheese making, stroller pushing, worry warting, stay-at-homing, potty training mom.  In the span of a few weeks, I go from chicken-without-a-head to pseudo-expert, doling out advice on topics as thrilling as sleep training, getting your kids to poop in the toilet (bucket of dollar store prizes) and leaving them at school without feeling like you just stabbed them in the heart and said “Bye!  I’m going running!”  All of this makes for some great material so I figured, why not put it out there in a blog?

A little bit about me, my family and my background…

I am 34-years-old, originally from New Jersey, graduated from New York University and Harvard Business School and worked in real estate for the good part of the last 12 years.  A few months ago, I said f-it and decided to stay at home with my kids.  My, sweet, loving, awesome husband, Max, and I met eleven years ago and have been married since 2006.  We have twin three-year-olds named Addy and Zack who both rock our world and suck the life out of us.  I am as Type-A as you can get and drive my family nuts, but I love them to pieces and I make a slammin’ guacamole so they keep me around.

I hope you enjoy my adventures!


11 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. The Guat

    Good posts you got here. Normally I don’t like visiting mommy blogs because they drive me crazy with the Mommy & Me Mafia. But you are definitely refreshing and your humor is fun. You got a good blog here can’t wait to see what happens next.

    1. Jill Post author

      Thanks again! You are so awesome to say all of this! Yes, definitely trying not to be a cheesy mom blog…just hoping to make some people laugh a little and occasionally think about some serious stuff too. So glad that you like it. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  2. katiedz

    I also have twins (2) and a four year old, also in a 4 room apartment, also changed from career girl to crazy full on parenting seemingly overnight – only difference is I live in Israel. I so get you! Congrats on FP – will be following from now on.

  3. sociologification

    In ten years, I hope I’m bad-assing the family world as awesomely as you are, so I’m reading carefully ;-} You’re hilarious. I love it.

    1. Jill Post author

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much Shannon! You are the nicest! I have to get my act together and figure out how to pass this along!


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